Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally! source for SIDEsubTEN is online...

It's about time!

If you're new to the blog or project (welcome!) SIDEsubTEN is an offshoot of the A.O. Movement Collective's new work. The idea is that we take the source material (32 + 2 phrases) of one of the sections (a solo called "glass tree") and give it to ten other artists. We then go our separate ways, and each make an original piece out of the material, joining back up in July to present the eleven works as a show at Chez Bushwick's CAKE series.

Ups, downs, and direction changes abounding (Julia, my dancer for the solo, is nursing a neck injury right now and not able to dance) the project has gotten off to a slow start, but i'm excited all the same.

This is a video of me doing the phrases (so we could get it online to show the non-NY collaborators). It's definitely lacks the sublty and visceral knowladge of the movement as well as sharp beauty that julia brings to it - a few of the phrases i hadn't ever done before this shoot - but it's at least a record. Enjoy!

Glass Tree Phrases for SIDEsubTEN from Sarah A.O. Rosner on Vimeo.

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