Sunday, April 5, 2009

Come see us perform!

This Sunday (you know, the 12th, the day with chocolate eggs and bunnies) at 11:00am, the A.O. Movement Collective will be showing "13 variations on a car crash", an excerpt from their upcoming eventing-length work. It's part of DanceNOW[nyc]'s RAW festival, and we'd love love l o v e to have you there!

Tickets are FREE too, you just have to email Lauren at with "RAW Reservations" in the subject line by Thursday to be on the list.

We're really excited to show it, and i'm hoping to use the occasion (this! our first new york premiere!) to take a step back from what we've made, as well as get some feedback. I'll post some specific questions before the show.

Also, we may be voyaging on a picnic or brunch after, so if you know me by being a reader but we haven't done the face-to-face thing yet, just introduce yourself and come along with us!

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