Thursday, April 2, 2009

Design vs Sleep: the Plot Thickens...

Okay guys, i found this yesterday, and have been positively itching to post this ever since. At some point (theoretically) i'll have time to write a little bit more in depth about it (i've got a great post brewing about my adoption of technology and design as a gendered action) but for now you've got to
c h e c k // t h i s // o u t !

It's "Smashing Magazine" - while it reports itself to be a blog that "smashes you with the information that will make your life easier." it's a blog that's really more of a design nirvana for those who already know a little some some and want to play the classy way. It has some amazingly hip and entirely usable fonts that you can download and - get this - every month they release a new set! They also have a great collection of free downloadable wordpress themes. Time-consuming highlights also include great youtube/vimeo collections of the best movie intros, music videos, and short animations.

Go play!
You'll be up till 3, but you'll thank me next time you need to author a PDF to get asses in seats.

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