Monday, March 2, 2009

Slow Lift Evolving

Here's some rehearsal footage from the week before last, it's Caity and Cristina's "Slow Lift Evolving". We've been working on it on and off for over a month. Originally it was going to be for Carlos and Caity, but i've become quite attached to it in this pairing.

It was originally constructed to be a slow dance/slow lift sequence - it's something i've been trying to catch ever since i made one for Levon and Ariel in a comp class in college, and lacked the foresight to get it on film. Lost forever, how sad. This isn't the same thing at all, but some of the lovely parts are still there and still my favorites, specifically when the climbing gets effortful.

Lillie and Cory have also learned the sequence, but not to do with each other. The original idea was to have it be Carlos and Caity, which quickly morphed into the idea of having it be Carlos/Caity, Lillie/Julia, and Cristina/Cory. The dynamic would change a lot were it male and female, yes?

Still deciding how it will be...i'll let you know when i get it figured out...

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