Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Really Alastair?

Here's a game we can play with some highlights from Alistair Macaulay's latest article. Which of these statements are problematic?
One way to make me happy is to show me a dance company in which everyone can turn to both the right and left. Dancers discover early that they pirouette more easily to one side or the other, and it’s astonishing how many dull-minded companies indulge them by letting them turn only in the most comfortable direction. When you see a dancer who revolves both ways, it shows not just facility but control, even wit. And when you see a whole company turning both ways, you feel you’re in a bright-minded climate.
Mr. Taylor loves, as too few Western choreographers do, the look of a woman’s pelvis tipping sideways, and nowhere does he celebrate this better than in “Private Domain.”
Only Robert Kleinendorst looks too stocky for ease. But I’m happy to watch him in much of the repertory, not least because he is the company’s funniest dancer.
(Hint: all of them.)

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