Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh Dear: a thumpy lullabye from the inside of my head.


1. I have been campaigning for the last week against my highschool's decision to cut the non-elective middle school dance program. Have also been working all week to be able to clear my schedule so that i can get to the meeting they'll be having about it friday morning in DC. Leave NY thurs at 9:30, DC for meeting 8-9am Fri, back in NY by Fri at 12? Not going to work. Having to choose between making art and engaging in arts advocacy is depressing. Knowing that no matter what you do or say, some people will never value you or the work you do is worse.

2. Too much snow, too much cold. Listening to lovely little lullaby's all day, in love with repetition.

3. Richert may have something to do with it.

4. Snow day today because it was raining on my computer at work through the ceiling. No joke. Nice to have some time for scheduling, blogging, and roomate-cuddling-tv-watching-time.

My this is personal.

Result: this little silly baby.

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Sarah A.O. Rosner/The AOMC said...

This silly little baby, who also won't be the right size, no matter how much i tweak the html.

Weird, huh? Sorry for design faux pas...nothing i can do about it for the time being...