Friday, November 23, 2007

and so the first image is: a dancer getting smacked in the face with a raw fish! (read more to understand)

so here's my problem:
i've never made a non-serious piece.
i get ideas for funny pieces, light pieces, SIMPLE pieces, but somehow they all get discarded in the end for "serious" pieces. It's not that i think that funny or light art (especially in dance) can't be done well, or even be serious pieces - some of my favorite SLC student work in the past has come from Julia P-T or Gorgas (two incredibly comic choreographers) and Mark Morris is a master at containing both humor and biting commentary in his work simultaneously. It's just that for some reason, something in my brain won't let me give as much value to MY work that, in my mind, isn't "important" or "urgent".

So there we go - i'm equating importance with seriousness. There's my issue. I don't like that. So my next piece is going to wrestle with that, at least to start. If it turns into something "serious" (as i'm sure it will), fine, but i'm committed to figuring out my block against the irreverent.

How can something be extremly important, and still retain a commitment to not necessarily being serious?

I'm starting this next piece with a few intentions and images:
1.) use as many of the left-over "non-serious" images that i've never out into action as possible
2.) wrestle with my own linking of serious/urgent (do they have to be linked?)
3.) accept as many absurd outside suggestions as possible.

give me your images. Anything that you've truly wished to see in a modern/postmodern dance. The only catch: you have to actually have wished to see it (or be currently wishing). No insanity just for insanity's sake. Diga me!

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