Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dancefilm - points for a fresh concept

So. Success so far at keeping the blogging going while adding another job to my life: not so hot.
But! (fear not, gentle reader and all that jazz) I'm getting my camera back today, and will be able to post some rehearsal footage soon, which gives me the same feeling as this too-good-to-be-true spring we're experiencing in NY. Also, i'm developing strategies for coping. For instance, posting some great dancefilm from time to time that i think is interesting.

Take this one, for example. 

I came across it on dance-tech, and thought that it was a pretty fresh concept and well-edited to boot, even if it gets a little too effecty (in my opinion) by the end.  I like how the film takes the liberty to utilize multiple sets and modes of "story telling" What do you think? 

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anuse said...

This is one of my favorite dance films by The Physical TV Company (Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen) of Australia. I think the humor is great in it. Reminds me of spoofs on Sesame Street that were entertaining for us kids as well as our parents. Gotta love that.