Friday, June 27, 2008

Wish you were here...


Becuase I am on the beautiful island of Santorini (Greece) and it's hands down probably the nicest place i will ever be again in my life, becuase i think it might actually be a punishable sin to not be outside, and becuase i am on a borrowed computer, no big blogging today. Tomorrow, when my sunburn sets in, perhaps. I will try to upload some pictures once i'm back so you can see how amazingly gorgeous and breathtaking this place is.

I'm calm, i'm relaxed (without being antsy...yet), i'm averaging 1.5 novels a day, drinking peach juice for breakfast, and i look cute in the new fedora i just bought. Cheers for the last vacation of my life until i get married or die. I'm joking.

In the meantime, Jeremy had a question about what had become of an old idea i was working with about "simple pieces vs. complex pieces". If anyone else wants to throw out questions - about hypermedia, me, about my work, about my theories, about how theoretical hypermedia systems function within my work, or anything else, i'd be excited to field them tomorrow. You're welcome to ask questions for the other artist/writer/s too, although i can't gaurentee responses.

What do you want to know? What's on your mind, oh fearless reader?
Off to more burning,
Love Always,

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