Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Mission.

In Chuck Klosterman's 2006 Esquire article "I wanna get free" he discusses the (non) possibility of any type of American revolution. It isn't depressing to hear him reason that no revolution is possible due to our culture's non-interest, non-unification, and non-participation, it's depressing to read that statement and not feel like arguing against it because there's really no part of that statement i don't agree with. But that's besides the point.

What drew my attention was a passage where Klosterman points out that he's "not really a rock-throwing kind of guy." He writes:

"Modernity has created a cosmic difference between intellect and action, even when both are driven by the same motives; as such, the only people qualified to lead a present-day revolution would never actually do so. Contemporary leaders are not rock-throwing guys. And this is a problem, because it's the rock-throwers who get things done."

Now, he also concedes that "moreover, I assume the type of person who hurls rocks in public is not the type of person i would agree with about anything", but i'm going to put that (as well as my undying love of Chuck Klosterman and nonsensical need for him to perceive me as intelligent) aside for the moment. While part of what he's speaking of is American lethargy and political "manners", he's also speaking to the mind-body schism that i find to be so pervasive in our culture. The thinkers are thinkers and the doers (read: movers) are doers.

So this has caused me to take on a Klosterman-like project: for two weeks i'm going to post on hypermedia every day. I will try to be as clear and concise as possible and, in fourteen days, provide an overview and simple exposition of what the hypermedia is, how it can be used, and where it might be going. I'll also try to get a bunch of the footage and shorts that i've shot posted as well.

Over this last semester i've felt a lot of opposition (from both dancers and non-dancers) regarding the my work trying to redefine/revolutionize the politics and economy of the dance world via hypermedia. Reading this essay, i was reminded who we as the intellectual dance community are: the artist intellectual mover yeller provocateurs of our generation. Therefore: here comes the brick through the window - unapologetic hypermedia.

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Nathan Dufour Oglesby said...

"Every man is a revolutionist concerning the thing he understands" (Shaw). Throw rocks for the sake of throwing rocks, because there's nothing else to do and it's the most proper thing to do if you happen to be holding one.
...This blog sounds like a nice joint.