Sunday, December 2, 2007

This i am thankful for:

- dancers and collaborators who work endlessly to fulfill something that started out as foreign but has (i hope) become something of theirs as well.
- teachers and mentors who give me straight up critiques, as much as i may not want to hear them at the moment.
- friends who tell me not to let critiques get in the way of doing something ambitious
- good natured late night drunken angry yell-about-art sessions on the couch
- people and forces who propel me towards creation, invention, revision, rebellion
- the way my dancers tear across the space
- lovers and friends for lending me their characters to show to the world.
- the seconds when the music and lights, lights and dancers, dancers and music collide and explode into something i had never seen before.
- the creative process as therapy.

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