Saturday, December 8, 2007


Theo was right about dark music on the slide back.
I was right about keeping the music as a whole.
Alanna was right about costumes.
Jules was right about Rowan's shirtedness.
Cavin was right when she said that the migration phrase was a transition.
Sara and Dan were right when they said the old beginning was unclear.
Theo was right when he said not to compromise.
Ashley was right when she said that whatever i did, i would learn from it.
Ilona was right when she said that the beekeeper solo had returned to where it came from.
Rowan may have been right when he said the slowness of last night helped the end pop.
I was right about the dancers needing to fight at the end, and show that they were tired.
Josh was right that the bridge lighting may be too distracting.
Darla was right that there was too much going on to see anyone but Rowan and Larissa
Gabe was right on about the patchwork quilt idea.
Michael was right about Ilona's suspenders.
The timing was right, even though it was different.
Alanna was right in being preemptively proud.
Lillie was right when she saw how it all connected.
Rowan was right in liking the letter duet better than the other parts.
Larissa was right in asking how and why she became the protagonist.
Trevor was right when he asked who Michael's role was.
I was right when i told him the answer.
Dan was right when he said that the letter duet was the piece
Nicole Krauss was right when she wrote page 91.
Joyce may have been right about all of it.

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