Thursday, October 1, 2009

Falling in love = Creativity?

Check out this article i found on Scientific American.

It's basic premise is that the mindset of being in love actually induces and builds creativity. The part that i find most interesting is their postulation that a larger worldview, or more perspective/time (ie: the long term idea of "love") inspires creative thinking while more goal-oriented or self-serving thinking (ie: sex) inspires analytical thinking. I have a few issues with the article but it's interesting, and definitely worth a read.

For me, it brings up a series of questions:

- Do we (as makers) believe that long term/global thinking >>> creativity?
- Is creativity, and thus creating, an inherently global action?
- In our art making, what is the balance/blend/timeline of "creative" versus "analytical" thinking?

and more specifically to the article:
- Do we buy into the idea that the way we think about love is more akin to the way we're thinking about our creative work than, say, anger, or sex?
- If that's the case, what does this say about our personal relationships as artists, both to our work (are we in love with being in love?) and/or to the human relationships or lack thereof in our lives.

Don't get squeamish on me here - i think it's interesting, and not just because i'm love-obsessed.
What's the pathology of creating? When we make work, are the same neurons firing as when we make love? And if so - what. does. it. mean?

I'm thinking this might be a good one for CHURCH?
Let me know yay or nay and we'll organize for next weekend!

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