Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is this progress?

Have you seen this yet? (A big thank you to miss Atwell for bringing it to my attention!)

It's the first letter from the new "collective arts think tank" (or
CATT) - a group of funders and presenters (Jennifer Wright Cook of The Field, Vallejo Gantner of Performance Space 122, Aaron Landsman of Thinaar and Elevator Repair Service, Sheila Lewandowski of The Chocolate Factory, Carla Peterson of Dance Theater Workshop, Brian Rogers of The Chocolate Factory, and Morgan von Prelle Pecelli of The Lost Notebook and Performance Space 122) who are convening to discuss the state of the field and offer suggestions for advancement and progress.

I think it offers some really interesting suggestions, though i find some of it slightly problematic. Take a read and let it mull over a bit in your head. I’m on a tight schedule of budgets and video editing this morning, but i’ll post my reactions after i’ve gotten through that mess. There’s already a strong dialogue forming around it, so feel free to leave your impressions here and/or on their blog (just remember to post a link here if you do!)

More to come.

(Happy September!)

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