Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh we are unveiling, Oh we are blooming!

My first year in New York has officially happened.
I say "happened" rather than "drawn to a close" or "come to an end" because it certainly hasn't - the momentum of the events of this year are pushing us all - me, the AOMC, my dancers, Urgent Artist, and A.O. PRO all included - vastly and swiftly into the new year and next season - think of an avalanche, mixed with the legs of a running baby horse, but with the impact of a car crash. Yeah, that's us.

Anyway. This time a year ago I was moving into my first apartment and interviewing for the Van Lier fellowship - crossing my fingers, biding my time, and having no real perception of what this year would hold other than a long list of what ifs, fantasies, disaster scenarios, and potential enerdgy. That was the then time. Now, a new apartment, new job, and year of rehearsing and performing later, we're here: the now time.

While we're certianly still building and rehearsing, i wanted to take a break from inundating you with ways to drown to reflect on what we've done in this past year, as well as tell you a little bit about some big changes and shifts for the AOMC and Urgent Artist, and lay out a little map of what you can expect in the coming year. I also want to pose some questions - what ifs and potentials about what this blog might become, and hope that you, gentel reader, will respond in the comments. This blog, after all, is about YOU, and I'd like to do what i can as the main writer to make you more comforable and excited here, and just as generally obsessed with us as is humanly possible.

I'll be breaking it into a few posts (don't worry, epic-curians, they'll all be long even broken up). Here's what's upcoming in the next few weeks:

1.) What this year looked like for the AOMC, and what it means for next year
2.) The AOMC unveils its new expiramental three-part company structure
3.) All we've got planned for you for 2009/2010
4.) Urgent Artist's role in all of this


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