Friday, May 8, 2009


So...MTV just emailed me becuase of this blog. No shit.
They said (and i quote):

"MTV has recognized that you and your readers are serious about dancing"

ow kind.

want us to enter this dance-off competition thing they're doing to promote that new "dance flick" parody movie they're releasing soon.

Nooooooooooooo MTV, you've got it all wrong.
We're not your bitches, thanks.

Fun though to get an email from you!
Let's talk contracts sometime soon. When you want to get back to the level of cultural literacy and artistic excitement that you started with, give me a call. I'll reinvent your dance programing, make some dancefilms for you to play as music videos, ads, operas, or a mini-series.

Seriously, stop treating artists like reality-show contestants, and we'll talk.


Sarah A.O. Rosner/The AOMC said...

ps - other dance bloggers - did you get this email too?

Evan said...

Yes, I got this too and was equally annoyed by it. I suppose this is MTV's feeble attempt at "engaging" bloggers. Hopefully they'll catch on and realize we're better than that.

Nichelle said...

Oddly enough, considering I get everything else remotely dance-related, I did not get that one.

Was just thinking about and lamenting MTV the other day. Nothing much good coming out of there for a looooong time.