Thursday, August 7, 2008

Theorizing, Failing, and Telephone Piano

Originally I had planned on writing my first post on the notion of the "empty celebrity" (re: Sarah's post) but soon realized I had nothing to offer on the topic besides some angry thoughts on reality television and how Heidi Montag is destroying the world with what I like to call her veneer of reality. I then began thinking about what it would mean to prescribe two core functionalities to the "empty celebrity:" the first being controlled authenticity, or verisimilitude. But then the second function got lost in my head when I left for lunch. Also, I spent yesterday at work trying to find an online version of John Dewey's "Art as Experience" but was unsuccessful. And while I was at work, I was IMing Sarah throwing ideas at her like, "The 'empty celebrity' is the contemporary equivalent to Modernism!" What I really meant was, "I have no idea what to write for my first entry on this blog."

I wouldn't consider myself an artist per se--not yet, at least. I live by what I know to be true. I know that I'm urgent. Or anxious. Or excited. Or something along those lines. But that's what art is about, isn't it? It's about formulating ideas and trying them out and saying to yourself, "Hey, that was a terrible idea." I'm eager, that's all, and my contributions to this blog will probably seem that way. Alas, nothing is stopping me! I will venture forth and write like I've never written before.

  1. Commentary on this and that about you know who and you know what.
  2. Reviews of the best thing you've ever heard, seen, (and most importantly) eaten.
  3. Excerpts from Ann Patchett's What now?
  4. 2012 theories and undercover reports on the black market for stolen art.
  5. AND MORE.

But first:

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Sarah A.O. Rosner/The AOMC said...

The "god awful idea" phase is the best part, though. Even when you're scared and starting, even when you've worked on it for a year, even as you're watching it be performed, even as someone writes a book about it!

If you understand that, I think you're definitely an artist. So there.